Monday, March 24, 2008


Floozy FAQ is officially everybody's favorite new internet show. This shit's hotter than Chris Crocker. This shits hotter than prisoners dancing to "Thriller". This shit's hotter than Al Gore...

Anyway, here is the second part of our debut episode. I warn you now- it's ten times more raunchy than the last one...

The next episode will be coming soon, but we need you to keep us going. Send your burning questions to, and help out two hot drunk things.
...two hot drunk things that WON'T QUIT!

1 comment:

Oryx said...

re: sperm jumping in the stomach: Sometimes guys sperm can give you the shits, bc sperm contains a chemical (hormone? something) called prostglandins, which stimulates the smooth muscles, ie intestines. (Prostglandins (or WHATEVER) are also present when a lady gives birth so she can push the baby out. Smooth muscles are in the uterus too!)

So anyways, the 'jumping' feeling could just be her about to poo out his jizz. You're welcome.