Monday, October 1, 2007

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IN SHORT (a completely unnecessary mission statement), this virtual cubby-hole will function as an extension of my idle aesthetic obsessions, which tend to pile up and give me minor headaches. It seems like both a practical and philanthropic idea to share these skipped parts, pretty pictures, strange songs, and general flights of fancy with all of you- I get a media inspired fever dream out of my system, and you profit by experiencing a few curious and hopefully new bits of fringe culture, camp, and/or crap. Let's shake, and make this a good long lasting relationship.

"The Garden of Earthly Delights" (center panel detail)
BOSCH seems like an interesting place to start in reference to what you will be witnessing here. Fret not- I won't spew into a grand art history lecture, I'm neither qualified to nor am I all that interested.

Besides, if I really dig into the meat of his work, it would actually contradict my inclusion of his name in this blog's title...or perhaps find some unsettling congruency (can we really be sure that the 60s Braniff stewardesses in their Pucci and Halston uniforms [to give a brief preview of posts ahead...] weren't just a pretty distraction on the dark road to the devil...can we?).

(Pretty unsettling...)

"The Garden of Earthly Delights" (right panel detail)

WHAT interests me, rather, is the sheer amount of (to put it bluntly) crazy shit is in his paintings. They're like a Where's Waldo of the grotesque. Can you spot the woman getting man-handled by the twig armed rabbit? The man who is dropping what appears to be ping pong balls our of his read end (is that where that idea in Priscilla...)? As a kid I would page through a book of his images for long periods of time, and try to pick out each tiny scenario packed into his paintings. Now, the older Dennis tends to do the same hunting with various cultural oddities that have been buried somewhere in the past....blah blah blah....

Basically, what I'm getting at is that I aspire to build this site into a collection of curiosities and horrors, delights and oddities on a Boschean (yeah yeah...) scale.

We shall see if I succeed....

So, dear readers, I leave you now with your first little treasure- Les Fusees by Alain Goraguer. This little song is from Goraguer's score for Rene Lalux's crazy crazy crazy animated feature
Fantastic Planet (1973). Goraguer used to do arrangements for everybody's favorite Mr. Serge Gainsbourg. Enjoy.