Sunday, March 9, 2008

Antiquing, CRUCIFIXLAND, The Good Moment (A Preview), Found Photos, and Finally Some Goddamn Music to Download!

Today I decided to battle against my Sunday afternoon hangover (not the worst hangovers, but certainly the ones that turn into a day of complete inactivity) and run out to get some coffee and browse through my neighborhood's best antique store, an overcluttered musty den full of many hidden gems.
I found a bunch of lovely old silk scarves, which I bought on an impulse (of course now I have no idea what to do with them- wearing them in public might be a little much...).

I might have kickstarted an early descent into old-queendom with this purchase... Please pray for me.

While browsing through the heaps of old photos they have there I found some snaps of what might be the scariest/most fascinating landmark ever- CRUCIFIXLAND!

Isn't that INSANE? I have no idea what this curious collection is all about or where it is. Have any of you heard about a giant garden of crucifixes existing anywhere? This place NEEDS to be featured in some sort of horror movie or somber sweeping road film. To be honest, I was sort of spooked by this place- even though it's a Jesus campground, that place screams "COME HERE AND YOU WILL BE CURSED!". Can you imagine the person who actually decided to put the thing together? There was a whole series of photos of this elderly couple at the site, and the images of them lurking around the area makes it seem even more ominous.


I'm praying somebody knows the story behind Crucifixland. In the meantime, I'll be doing some sleuthery to see if I can find out anything about the place...

I also bought a bunch of other old random photographs, which will become part of a project called The Good Moment I'll start documenting on here.
Here's a sneak preview...

I'll explain more about the project later in the week when phase one of THE GOOD MOMENT is complete (this sounds so exciting). Once it's up and kicking you'll actually be able to get involved and get special things delivered to your door if you'd like, which might be the coolest thing ever.

Anyway, I now leave you with a link to a very very very cool site called Square America. It's an online collection of found photographs, that features some pretty stunning candids. They group the pictures by categories and actual photo series- they're a fascinating glimpse into mid 20th century America and ripe for story building around the unknown faces that populate the images.

There are kids in crazy costumes.

There is a series of photos from a bi-sexual romper party.

I highly recommend that you check out the site.

And just to make your day that much more special, I've uploading a kitschy piece of musical candy for your lovely ears-
The Terry Baxter Orchestra - "Are You There (With Another Girl)?"


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diana said...

it's like you are in my class on archives! you should check out the artist tacita dean for your proj, if you don't already know her. sounds a lot like what she's doing

also, the trachtenberg family slideshow players (you would LUV them)-- combine your musical talents with the joys of found photos!