Saturday, March 22, 2008

Little Bits

Good Food, one of my favorite podcasts that doesn't do good for my unending desire to stuff my face, has started doing a new little segment in which host Evan Kleimen assigns the show's culinary challenged sound engineer, Bob Carlson, recipes to try at home.

The first challenge, asparagus and a fried egg, is documented in a video on the online episode overview, which you need to see not because Carlson's kitchen trials are particularly interesting, but because of his mad genius daughter who appears in the final 15 seconds and steals the show.
While eating the results of his labor, his yound daughter blurts out very matter of factly, "Should I be a mystery fish?", and stares at the camera with a cold glare while eating an asparagus spear- a look that seems to scream "THIS GIRL IS DESTINED TO BECOME A FANTASTIC ECCENTRIC NOVELIST!". It made my hour...

Also on that review is a mini gallery of the work of a woman who makes SCULPTURES OUT OF CHEESE! FOR MONEY! AND SHE'S THIN!

Perhaps you should pick up a food hobby today...

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