Saturday, May 3, 2008

James Pants Presents: Italo Disco Surprise!

The super wonderful Stone's Throw podcast just put up a swell eclectic mix from recent no-so-hip-hop signee James Pants. Like most people, I had never heard of Mr. Pants before, but I'm totally jumping on this hype-wagon. Frankly, after three years of hotly anticipating the new Jamie Lidell album and being really really really underwhelmed by its offerings (Portishead, however, totally wins the long wait payoff album of the month with 3), the promise of a new electronics-whiz-soul-singing-nerdboy who can deliver something exciting that's not a giant ball of Stevie Wonder pastiche instills a drop of musical hope and excitement into my heart. Also, please note that he is the whitest whiteboy ever and he shares a label with madlib! Madlib!
This dude:


I'd venture to say that this is the most exciting signing ST has done since they brought their first lady on board, the very very talented Georgia Anne Muldrow (why haven't you listened to her yet?).

And boy does he deliver (in that whiteboy making r&b in his bedroom kind of way)- LISTEN TO SOME TUNES:

Check out the downtown81 conga shuffle prom of "I Think We're Through"
Listen to this bit of Andre-3000-goes-to-a-wobbly-underwater-mall called "Kash"

I'm officially sold.
I hope you are too.

But, what really sold me before I even heard his own tunes was his inclusion of this song in his podcast mix:

Ok, I need you to close your eyes, listen, and pretend you never saw Giorgio Moroder and his stache-o-kings while you listen to this song, and subsequently fall to your knees, head over heels in love with it. It's like somebody sucked the strings out of a Kelley Polar song, and stuck in a whole lot of awesomeness. Before looking up the playlist, I could not stop repeating this song, thinking it was some gem from some new up and coming myspace darlings...
I was wrong.
Very wrong.

This bit of shuffling wonder came from the one and only poppa Georgio!

Anyway, this bit of mix-trickery only makes me love James Pants even more! Thank you James Pants! Thank you for your awesomeness! I hope you stay dry in your wooden teepee!


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